8/5/2013 – Squat & Deadlift Openers

IMG_1680Today was a pretty simple day at the gym. Worked up to my openers on squat and deadlift, and walked out. No accessory work at all.

I was advised to not go so “heavy,” but I decided that I needed to do my openers to build my confidence for Saturday. At the end of the day, we know our own bodies and mental state. I needed to do it to feel ready, and so I did.

Squat: bar, 135×6, 185×4, 225×2, 255×1 (sunk it— see pic)

Deadlift: 135×6. 185×4. 225×2, 275×1, 315×1

Done and done.

I am ready to put all my hard work on the platform. Me vs. Me. As of now, 3 days out.


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