The Numbers Don’t Lie: Mistakes in Calorie Tracking

“I am tracking calories, exercising, consistently at a deficit, and I am not losing weight! What am I doing wrong?”  Does this sound familiar? Have you said this, or heard someone say it? Here’s a picture of what you might be thinking, and then a clue as to what might be the problem. 1) “I […]

Overcoming a Weight-loss Plateau

Stuck at a plateau in your weight loss? For me, the challenge comes down to three things: 1) I have to do things differently, 2) I have to realize it is possible, 3) I have to commit and be consistent.

Egg Whites & Oatmeal

I like steel cut oats and I cannot lie. Add  egg whites and you can’t deny. That you have a great breakfast that trims your waist And you can cram your face. With both, you get protein and good carbs… Okay,  I give up. That was my attempt at a Sir Mix-A-Lot style rap. So […]

Experiment in Weekly Food Prep – 2

Two weeks ago, I posted about an experiment in weekly food prep. While I ate all of the food, and it lasted me a week, I got sick of eating the same thing. I had measured out servings with a combinations of a protein (chicken, salmon, shrimp), with veggies and quinoa. Last week, I swung […]

My Nutrition Advice – Circa 2007

My aunt sent me this yesterday and asked if I remembered writing it back in November of 2007.  I really do not remember writing this, but given the text, I think this was written to my parents, and my mom must have forwarded to my Aunt. I sense quite a bit of pretension and preachiness in […]

Experiment in Weekly Food Prep

Since I’ve been in Puerto Rico, nearly 8 months now, I’ve eaten pretty healthy and exercised regularly. I haven’t actually lost weight, but my body composition has changed tremendously. When I moved here, I was wearing clothing size 14. Now I am in a size 10, the leanest I’ve ever been, but still not quite […]