Craving Work – 20 weeks Out

For the last couple of months, I have been craving work. I mean, I’m ready to start training heavy again. I am ready to go in the gym with specific goals, and a specific plan. I am ready to compete again! I’ve trained consistently since my meet last August, but dialed back on the weight […]

Week of Aug 26, 2013 Training Log

Did some good work last week, and incorporated some oly lifts just for fun. Wanted to mix it up and learn some new things. Had to watch a lot of videos on how to do snatch and overhead squats, and will continue to do so while I learn. I don’t have bumper plates at my […]

Week of Aug 19, 2013 Training Log

Last week was my first week officially back in the gym after the USAPL NJ State on August 10. I did a couple of hotel gym workouts week before while I was on business travel, but for the most part… RESTED (and it was glorious). I missed the gym, but my body was grateful for […]

USAPL NJ State Meet Summary & Video

On August 10th 2013, I made my return to the powerlifing platform and competed for the first time in 6 years at the USAPL NJ State Championships. It was a great day! I went 9 for 9 for the day (meaning all of my attempts passed), and I hit all of my goals. I took […]

8/5/2013 – Squat & Deadlift Openers

Today was a pretty simple day at the gym. Worked up to my openers on squat and deadlift, and walked out. No accessory work at all. I was advised to not go so “heavy,” but I decided that I needed to do my openers to build my confidence for Saturday. At the end of the […]

8/2/2013 – 200# Bench

I finally hit 200#, and with a competition pause!!! This was/is my goal for the meet. Now, I know I can do it, just have to execute at the competition. Bench Warmup bar, 95×6, 135×4 Singles practicing like in meet conditions: 160×1, 180×1, 200×1 [Video] 200#x1 with pause My rear does not come off of […]

7/31/2013 – 350# Deadlift

Today was my last big squat and deadlift before the 8/10 meet – 9 days out. I do not normally squat and deadlift on the same day, but I chose to do them together today for many reasons in prep for the competition. Highlights: 1) Hit 290# on squat but it was too high.  2) […]

7/29/2013 – 195# Bench

11 days out of the USAPL NJ Powerlifting State Championships. Today I hit 195 with a pause (required for the competition), and it looked and felt great. The 195 paused felt strong, and I followed it up with two big drop work sets at 185×5 and 175×7. This 195, I believe would pass with 3 […]

7/26/2013 – 345# Deadlift

What a great day in the gym! Pulled a strong 345 pounds, and feeling ready for the competition. My form and technique have improved over the last three months (still lots to learn and adjust), my mindset has leveled out, and I really feel like I am back in the game. I can already feel […]

7/24/2013 – Bench Press 190#

I am 16 days out of my meet, and today was a big bench day. I got in a great workout, but still struggle to get good help in the gym at times. My normal spotter, Cesar, who I’ve got trained to lift off and then NOT touch the bar, wasn’t around the gym, so […]