Craving Work – 20 weeks Out

craving_workFor the last couple of months, I have been craving work. I mean, I’m ready to start training heavy again. I am ready to go in the gym with specific goals, and a specific plan. I am ready to compete again!

I’ve trained consistently since my meet last August, but dialed back on the weight and increased volume for a few reasons.

  1. I mostly train alone and sometimes that means in a gym with no one there… and spotters or someone to lift-off are often necessary;
  2. I was in therapy to improve the debilitating patellar tendinitis in my left knee;
  3. It was fun to just train. I have continued to track my workouts, but I have enjoyed doing lots of accessory work. I’ve enjoyed the variety and strength gains, too.

A couple of weeks ago, I went heavy on squat for the first time in months (at …destination in Dallas). I went to a 275 single. It was high, and very ugly, but I managed the weight okay. That had me wanting more!

On Sunday (2/22), I did some work sets at Mike Denmon’s garage gym in Mauriceville, Texas. 3 sets of 5 at 205. My form felt more solid. It was work… and I am sore… but it felt great!

Now, I am CRAVING more WORK! I am ready to have a plan and work my plan. Problem is, I am still 20 weeks out from USAPL Raw Nationals, which makes for a really long training cycle.

I left the gym on Sunday, thinking… I am physically and mentally ready to start a training cycle, but figured with 20 weeks to go, I would need to plan a peak in there. Then the idea crossed my mind that if I am going to peak, why not do it at a meet? So, I searched for a meet today that is about 1/2 way between now and USAPL Raw Nationals, and not too far away geographically.

USAPL Women’s Nationals, an equipped meet, is May 16-18 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  (Alaska was my other choice) The qualifying total is 832 lbs for the 181 class, and I totaled 860 unequipped at the 2013 NJ State Meet. So, I can compete, though I will be competing against women in gear. Not exactly a level playing field, but nonetheless, an opportunity to lift.

The goal of entering the USAPL Women’s Nationals will be to use the meet as a training day. I want to test my strength, feel the intensity of a national stage, and prepare myself for USAPL Raw Nationals 8 weeks later. I won’t really be competing, per se, at Women’s Nationals, but with some benchmarks, I will have a strong idea and better strategy for Raw Nationals. There, in Denver, I can COMPETE, as there will be more lifters comparable to my level, and the playing field will be equal.

So, you heard it here first… I am 20 weeks out from Raw Nationals, with a 12 week peak at Women’s Nationals. It’s go time!

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