Meagan Pollock

Meagan Pollock

Meagan Pollock is a lifetime drug free strength athlete.

Meagan Pollock is a lifetime drug free strength athlete. She began powerlifting at 15 years old, and has competed on and off for the last 15 years. Meagan had been out of the game since 2007, yet competed again in August 2013. Her next target is USAPL Raw Nationals, July 2014, in Colorado.
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02nd Aug 2013
Screen Shot 2013-08-02 at 4.25.32 PM

8/2/2013 – 200# Bench

I finally hit 200#, and with a competition pause!!! This was/is my goal for the meet. Now, I know I can do it, just have to execute at the competition....

31st Jul 2013
Screen Shot 2013-07-31 at 6.08.05 PM

7/31/2013 – 350# Deadlift

Today was my last big squat and deadlift before the 8/10 meet – 9 days out. I do not normally squat and deadlift on the same day, but I chose...

29th Jul 2013
Screen Shot 2013-07-29 at 5.38.36 PM

7/29/2013 – 195# Bench

11 days out of the USAPL NJ Powerlifting State Championships. Today I hit 195 with a pause (required for the competition), and it looked and felt great. The 195 paused...

27th Jul 2013

Pain is Gain? Recovery vs. Pride

Pain is weakness leaving the body. Pain is temporary, pride is forever. With quotes like this that constantly float across my Facebook feed from this fitness/sport page or another, I...

26th Jul 2013
Screen Shot 2013-07-26 at 4.26.40 PM

7/26/2013 – 345# Deadlift

What a great day in the gym! Pulled a strong 345 pounds, and feeling ready for the competition. My form and technique have improved over the last three months (still...

24th Jul 2013
Meagan Pollock Bench Press 190#

7/24/2013 – Bench Press 190#

I am 16 days out of my meet, and today was a big bench day. I got in a great workout, but still struggle to get good help in the...

23rd Jul 2013
MPollock 285 Squat on 7/23/2013

7/23/2013 – 285# Raw Squat

Great squat day in the gym. Worked up to a heavy single at 285, and though it was technically rough, it was still a good lift. The video looks better...

18th Jul 2013
Meagan Pollock Bicep

7/17/2013 – Deadlift & Mindset

Mindset. Some say the key to being a great powerlifter. Today, some thoughts on my mindset, versus just simply reaching my maxes. Hi, My name is Meagan, and I am...

16th Jul 2013

7/16/2013 – Bench

Boy, today was a bad bench day. I worked up to a heavy single, quite a bit faster than normal. The guys that regularly help me at the gym weren’t...

16th Jul 2013

7/15/2013 Squat

280 raw single, heavy front squats, four weeks out of USAPL NJ State