Meagan Pollock

Meagan Pollock

Meagan Pollock is a lifetime drug free strength athlete.

Meagan Pollock is a lifetime drug free strength athlete. She began powerlifting at 15 years old, and has competed on and off for the last 15 years. Meagan had been out of the game since 2007, yet competed again in August 2013. Her next target is USAPL Raw Nationals, July 2014, in Colorado.
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23rd May 2013

5/23/2013 Deadlift

In the spirit of changing things up this week, I decided to switch from sumo to conventional stance today on deadlift. Since it has been so long since I’ve deadlifted...

22nd May 2013
Meagan Pollock

5/22/2013 Heavy Bench

Practice like you play. With that in mind, I went into today’s bench workout knowing that I needed to begin incorporating a pause at the chest press (USAPL competition rules),...

21st May 2013
Meagan Pollock - Physical Transformation - November 2011 to April 2013

Transformation of Body and Mind

Since November 2011, I have been through many trials, tribulations, and adventures that have transformed me, but the most obvious transformation is that of my physical body. I must admit,...

21st May 2013
Meagan Pollock

5/21/2013 Heavy Squat

Going into today, I was excited to move some weight. Leaving the gym, I felt defeated. I was tired, my lifts weren’t perfect, and I realized just how hard training...

20th May 2013
Meagan Pollock Bicep

5/20/2013 Light Back, Biceps, and Shoulders

My normal routine is a rotation of legs, chest/tris/abs, and back/biceps/shoulders, working in the big three lifts squat, bench, and deadlift respectively. The pattern I like is alternating heavy (more...

20th May 2013
Fresh herbs from the garden

Experiment in Weekly Food Prep

Since I’ve been in Puerto Rico, nearly 8 months now, I’ve eaten pretty healthy and exercised regularly. I haven’t actually lost weight, but my body composition has changed tremendously. When...

17th May 2013
Meagan Pollock Bench 190 20130517

5/17/2013 Heavy Bench

The objective of today’s workout was to go heavy on bench for the second time this week. I won’t always do this, but I felt like I wanted to get...

16th May 2013

5/16/2013 Light Squat Day

The objective of today’s squat workout was to focus on form and depth. All three sets were exaggerated depth. Focused on keeping knees out throughout the movement, and keeping arms...

16th May 2013
Anderson Powerlifting Gear

Anderson Powerlifting Gear

Just ordered my gear for the August 10 USAPL New Jersey State Powerlifting Championship. Since I will be lifting unequipped, I don’t have to have such complex competition gear any...

16th May 2013

5/15/2013 Heavy Deadlift

This is the first deadlift workout on a modified 5/3/1 training cycle for the USAPL New Jersey State Powerlifting Championships. DEADLIFT: 135×10, 185×6, 225×6, 255×6, 280×3, 305×1 Reverse Grip Bent...