28th Aug 2013

Overcoming a Weight-loss Plateau

Stuck at a plateau in your weight loss? For me, the challenge comes down to three things: 1) I have to do things differently, 2) I have to realize it is possible, 3) I have to commit and be consistent.

22nd Aug 2013
Meagan at USAPL NJ State Awards Ceremony 8/10/2013

What’s Next?

What's next for Meagan, the athlete? It comes down to three things: 1) Keep on training and getting stronger, 2) Prepare for 2014 USAPL Raw Nationals, 3) Lean out to compete in lower weight class.

27th Jul 2013

Pain is Gain? Recovery vs. Pride

Pain is weakness leaving the body. Pain is temporary, pride is forever. With quotes like this that constantly float across my Facebook feed from this fitness/sport page or another, I...