USAPL NJ State Meet Summary & Video

On August 10th 2013, I made my return to the powerlifing platform and competed for the first time in 6 years at the USAPL NJ State Championships. It was a great day! I went 9 for 9 for the day (meaning all of my attempts passed), and I hit all of my goals. I took the silver, only behind by 2.5 kilos. I opted to play it safe, get all 9 lifts, and hit my goals, rather than change my last deadlift attempt at the chance of winning 1st. After all, the goal of the meet was to get back in the game, hit my numbers, and build confidence. Sure, it stinks being #2, but I am proud of my performance. I trained really hard for the competition for 13 weeks, and competed without a coach or handler at the meet. Competing solo required tremendous focus… it was so much fun, and I can’t wait to compete again!



Squat 135kg, 297.6lb
Bench 92.5kg, 203.9lb
Deadlift 162.5kg, 358.3lb
Total 390kg, 859.8lb

Special Thanks

Want to give shout outs to Bobby Warren,¬†Phillip Wylie, Mike and Lee Denmon, Jeff Clark, and Cesar Camacho. Thanks to each of you for all of your support. Without your help, today wouldn’t have been possible.

Thanks to Robert Keller who put on a great meet.

Thanks also to all of my Facebook followers for their support as I trained for the big day. The encouragement from FB was been incredible.

Finally, Thanks to my amazing parents, my number one fans, for flying up from Texas to support me! My dad was an excellent videographer capturing my lifts for my immediate review. My mom and dad are fantastic parents and I am grateful that they have supported me in everything I have chosen to pursue. I would be nothing without them.


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