Dr. Meagan Pollock is an engineer, educator, researcher, consultant, and public speaker.

Meagan is the Director of Professional Development for the National Alliance for Partnerships in Equity.
In this role, she leads a national team of equity professionals that build educators’ capacity to implement effective solutions for increasing student access, educational equity and workforce diversity.

Meagan Pollock engineers equity into education!

Big Beacon Blog

Honored to guest blog today on BigBeacon.org: A Movement to Transform Engineering Education.  Change the Conversation: Engineering Awareness in K-12. The blog discusses the lack of public understanding of engineering and the need to remedy this change in K-12. The National Academy of Engineering Changing the Conversation messages are listed as a framework, and two […]

Uncomfortable: Implications of Race, Class & Gender for the Classroom

No matter how comfortable I am sitting here at my desk overlooking the Caribbean sea, what I did not expect is how uncomfortable I would be when I leave the home I have made for myself here. Read about how I am experiencing race, gender, and class in a new way, and consider the implications for your classroom.

Do you work in the cafeteria? No, I am an engineer. *ROLE MODELS NEEDED!

“Excuse me, ma’am, do you work in the cafeteria?” inquired a curious pre-teen female of me after watching an interactive skit during Take Your Kids to Work Day at Texas Instruments in 2008. I had one of the lead roles in a skit demonstrating how the technology of the digital micromirror device works while I […]

If I had a $1,000,000…. for “STEM” Education.

Lockheed Martin has granted $1 million to implement and sustain Project Lead the Way programs across the U.S. If I had a million dollars, (as I start humming Barenaked Ladies) How would I improve STEM education?

Pioneer Woman vs. the Mop: Rethinking Old Designs

When is simple good enough? Read about my battle with the mop, and some questions for design thinking for our students.

Top 10 Posts of 2012

See the top 10 posts of 2012 on MeaganPollock.com!

STEMinist Profile

STEMinist focuses on women in Science, Tech, Engineering and Math. They hope to increase the visibility of women in STEM, promote and elevate the perspective of women in these traditionally underrepresented fields, encourage younger women and girls to pursue careers in STEM, and capture a social media snapshot of what’s trending for women in STEM. […]

Goal-setting, Prioritizing, and Reflecting: 2012 in Review

An honest reflection on 2012, and some forward thoughts to 2013. It’s been a year to remember… and I am optimistic and hopeful for the greater things yet to come. What have I become this year in pursuit of my goals? I have become a stronger woman. I faced great fears, overcame personal failures, achieved professional milestones, and taken great leaps. What can I hope for 2013? That I am stronger still.

“She must have slept her way to the top”

A personal story of motivation: Do I believe that woman have to sleep their way to the top of an engineering company? Absolutely not. However, the underlying bias nestled in that statement do exist more often than we choose to recognize. Read more for three tips for women in technology.

You can Change the World & Like the Technical Challenge, Too

How has the CTC platform promoted women as social beings rather than technical beings? Am I perpetuating a stereotype in my singular effort to deny another? It is not an either/or!