Goal-setting, Prioritizing, and Reflecting: 2012 in Review

An honest reflection on 2012, and some forward thoughts to 2013. It’s been a year to remember… and I am optimistic and hopeful for the greater things yet to come. What have I become this year in pursuit of my goals? I have become a stronger woman. I faced great fears, overcame personal failures, achieved professional milestones, and taken great leaps. What can I hope for 2013? That I am stronger still.

Influence of Social Capital on the STEM Pipeline

The STEM pipeline is a national imperative, and this essay examines the theory of social capital, as described in Nan Lin’s book, Social Capital: A Theory of Social Structure and Action, and aims to provide a new perspective by extrapolating the potential influence social capital has on the STEM pipeline, specifically women and engineering, from K-12, to university, and into industry.

“I made it in engineering without help. They will too.” There is a problem, and They do need help!

“I made it in engineering without help. If these young women are meant to be engineers, they will too,” explained a female High School Engineering teacher. I nearly fell out of my chair when I heard this woman utter these words after I asked how she recruited and retained young women into her classes.  Assuming she ignored the shock and horror on my face, she…

A White Teacher Talks About Race

A White Researcher Thinks About Race

Have you ever been the “only one?” The only female, the only African American, the only extrovert, the only one overweight, the only redhead? What does it feel like to be “only one?” What did it feel like as an adolescent to be the “only one?”  [pp 3, 91] Any different than as an adult?  According to psychologists, adolescents love to be normal [p 66]. If…