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Dr. Pollock’s company, Engineer Inclusion, helps people intentionally and systematically engineer equity and inclusion into their organizations: driving positive outcomes and effectively supporting employees and the community. Leveraging engineering thinking, process-improvement, and research-based inclusion strategies, Engineer Inclusion is uniquely equipped to help industry, education, and community organizations reach their diversity, equity and inclusion goals. Through professional development workshops, speeches, resources, and consulting, we are partners with educational and community organizations, as well as industry.

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How can Meagan help?

Inspire Awareness. Initiate Action.


Meagan speaks and teaches to inspire and initiate change, and has been doing so since 2008. Contact Meagan for staff professional development workshops, keynote speeches, and consulting on topics related to engineering, education, and equity.


A designer and writer at heart, Meagan develops books, guides, and tools to help herself and others take action towards a more equitable and just world.


There is much to learn about equity in education, the workforce, and in our communities. We are each on a journey of discovery, and Meagan shares resources from her journey to help others on theirs. Plus, tune-in to her free webinars!

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TEDx Talk: How to become an inclusive leader

Dr. Meagan Pollock

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In using these books, I hope that you inspire awareness, initiate action, and lead change.

This new, socially-conscious children’s book with an integrated discussion guide teaches awareness, inspires compassion, and encourages action.

101 thought-provoking quotes explore seven essential themes, and two unique prompts accompany each quote for meaningful conversation-starters or reflective journaling.


I’m excited to introduce a new webinar series designed to help anyone increase their social awareness and equip themselves with tools for action.  If you want to live in a more just world, then I hope you will tune-in! Let’s work together to make the world better!

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Summer 2013 Conferences

As a nascent scholar, and near doctoral graduate, conferences offer incredible opportunities to present my work, learn from others, and build my network. This page serves as a landing page for a professional flyer I’ve created about me, my current work, and my summer 2013 conference presentations.

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