Graduate Publications

  • Pollock, M. (2014). Multiple Case Study Analysis of Young Women’s Experiences in High School Engineering. PhD Engineering Education, Purdue University, Lafayette, IN. Advisor: Dr. Monica Cardella.
  • Pollock, M. (2007). Permeation & Diffusion of Moisture through the Window Bondline Adhesive for the Digital Micromirror Device. MS Electrical Engineering, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX.  Advisor: Dr. Richard Gale.

Revenue Generating Publications For each: Project Visionary and Manager, Subject Matter Expert, and Graphic Designer

  • Brown, M., Martin, J., Davis, M. & Pollock, M. (2018). Eliminating Barriers through Culturally Responsive Teaching Toolkit. NAPE. Gap, PA.
  • Brown, M., Thompson, J., & Pollock, M. (2017). Ensuring Equity in Problem Based Learning Toolkit. NAPE. Gap, PA.
  • Brown, M., Tucker, C., & Pollock, M. (2017). Inspiring Courage to Excel through Self-Efficacy Toolkit. NAPE. Gap, PA.
  • Pollock, M. (2016). Explore STEM Careers Toolkit, 2nd Edition. NAPE. Gap, PA.
  • Brown, M., & Pollock, M. (2016). Realizing Potential with Mindset Toolkit. NAPE. Gap, PA.
  • Williams, B., & Pollock, M. (2015). Explore Nontraditional Careers Toolkit. NAPE. Gap, PA.

Academic Publications

Works in Progress:

  • Pollock, Meagan (201x). You Don’t Want Enemies: An Autoethnography of a young female engineer’s experiences in industry. Journal manuscript in progress.
  • Pollock, Meagan (201x). Leveraging Liminality: Engineer or Engineering Educator? Navigating a path to Career Identity. Journal manuscript in progress.







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