Lynn Vera, Gender Equity Expert

You are one of the most engaging and inspiring speakers I have heard in years. On your feet, you managed to convince an audience of people that they could make a difference. We left feeling hopeful and inspired!

“She must have slept her way to the top”

A personal story of motivation: Do I believe that woman have to sleep their way to the top of an engineering company? Absolutely not. However, the underlying bias nestled in that statement do exist more often than we choose to recognize. Read more for three tips for women in technology.

Don’t forget to backup!

Backup! Backup! Backup! I mistakenly deleted my website today, with no ability to recover the files. I have been playing around in basic web design for a decade now, and you would think I knew better. Perhaps it was fate: I have been itching for a redesign anyways… Stay tuned as the new unfolds. […]