As a consultant, Dr. Meagan Pollock has enjoyed working for both the non-profit and private sector speaking, developing curriculum, programs, and conducting research. Meagan has been designing and facilitating professional development workshops for counselors and educators on topics of engineering, STEM*, and gender equity since 2008, for organizations such as High Tech High Heels and the National Alliance for Partnerships in Equity (her now full-time employer). In addition, Meagan has developed integrated STEM curriculum for, and Scientific Minds, and worked as a research consultant for Texas Instruments Education Technology in exploring the K-12 Engineering Education market opportunities.

Meagan is energetic, educated, and passionate about science, technology, engineering, and math (*STEM) education, particularly in the K-12 setting with a focus on equity and access for all students. Meagan worked as an engineer for Texas Instruments before beginning her PhD studies to influence the next generation of engineers.  Dr. Pollock is an excellent candidate for work uniting equity, diversity, technology and STEM education.


  • Engineering and equity thought leader who drives mission-focused growth strategies for scaling organizations.
  • Self-initiated and innovative instructional, program, product, and technical designer who creates services, resources, and solutions that bolster revenue and opportunity.
  • Systems thinker who quickly identifies solutions and generates processes for the development, management and supervision of programs and operations, expanding capacity and efficiency.
  • Respected leader who applies organizational change models, process improvement strategies, metrics driven solutions, and equity transformation principles to cultivate an inclusive, aware and balanced workplace.


For more information on how Dr. Meagan Pollock can help your business, organization, or school meet your STEM and equity goals, please contact her.
(m: 512.739.0774,


  • Educator Professional Development – Customized workshops
  • Curricular and Instructional Design
  • Education Research, Qualitative Inquiry
  • Speaking & Advocacy


  • Engineering or STEM Education
  • K-12 STEM Education
  • Education Technology
  • Diversity & Gender Equity