Resources for Educators on Growth Mindset

In Dr. Carol Dweck’s book, Mindset: The New Psychology of Success, she outlines her seminal research on how we can learn to fulfill our potential. Reading this book was transformative and challenged me to change how I approach my goals and dreams. 

Since reading the book in 2009, I’ve been teaching a growth mindset to educators across the country. In doing so, I found that teachers needed more tools than merely an introduction to the concept, so in 2014 led the design and development of a related online course, which I then converted to a book, “Realizing Potential with Mindset,” in 2016. 

Growth Mindset remains one of my most favorite things to teach because with small modifications we can see big changes in ourselves and those around us.

This page is a collection of helpful mindset resources or educators.

Read the book

Read the book that started the movement. It is a reasonably short yet remarkably transformative read. Are you ready to learn how to fulfill your potential?

Realizing Potential With Mindset

For this publication, Meagan served as project visionary and manager, subject matter expert, author, and graphic designer.

This research-based, practical-application-focused toolkit assists educators in transforming their practice to foster a growth mindset in themselves and their students. Using a growth-mindset approach in teaching is especially effective in developing equitable learning environments that support every student. This toolkit provides an overview of growth mindset, including key characteristics, benefits, and strategies to employ in the classroom. Activities, reflections, detailed lesson plans, PLC guides, and vivid infographics are also included. Printer-friendly worksheets are also available for download.

This publication and professional development curriculum was written for the National Alliance for Partnerships in Equity. The toolkit is available for sale on their website. 

Useful Resources and Videos

The following curated resources are useful in helping you to continue the conversation about growth mindset. 

Mindsets for Student Success

Recorded Webinar (08/06/2019) 

Mindsets matter. How we think about our abilities and our students’ affects their success. Small adjustments can lead to significant results. In this webinar:

Asset? or... Deficit?

An asset perspective is where students’ differences are perceived as beneficial to the learning environment, as opposed to a deficit perspective, where differences are perceived as detrimental to the learning environment. 

Can you distinguish asset-based thinking from deficit-based thinking? Read the article linked below, and practice reframing how you approach students with an asset-based mindset.

“Approaching Marginalized Populations from an Asset Rather Than a Deficit Model of Education”

by Jackie Gerstein, Ed.D.​

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