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'Who you gonna call?'


I am currently working on my first season of the podcast, coming in 2020, and I hope you’ll write to and tune in to Call Bias Busters!

Who is the column and podcast for? 
What's the format?

The format is like a mix of the perennial Dear Abby advice column and the erstwhile New York Times Dear Sugars advice column turned podcast. For every episode of the nascent podcast series, I will have a guest host, another professional with expertise in diversity, equity, and inclusion, and we’ll read and discuss a response to a submitted letter.

Be a part of the show!

You are invited to submit letters with questions or request to be a guest host on the podcast.

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Call Bias Busters!

If there's something strange in your neighborhood, who you gonna call? Bias Busters! If there's something weird and it don't look good, who you gonna call? Bias Busters! If you're seeing things running through your head, who you gonna call? Bias Busters! If you're all alone, pick up the phone and call Bias Busters! When it comes through your door, unless you just a-want some more, I think you better call Bias Busters!

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