Unraveling Bias in the Brain​

Do you know how prejudice, stereotypes, and bias work in the brain? In my on-demand webinar, “Unraveling Bias in the Brain,” you’ll explore how your brain can work against your best intentions and what you can do to be more kind and inclusive.

Everyone has a brain and everyone has bias. If we use our brains to understand and combat unconscious bias, we can create a more inclusive and just world.

In this webinar, you will:

  • Review some of the barriers to an inclusive and just world.
  • Outline 14 key terms to add to or reinforce your vocabulary.
  • Examine 8 neural mechanisms in our brains that support prejudice and stereotypes, the underlying functions of bias.
  • Identify 9 self-regulation strategies to reduce prejudice and stereotypes.

Together, let’s unravel the bias in our brains.


This work is best done with a community of people who you can share the journey, and grow together. Please invite your colleagues and friends who might also enjoy learning with you.

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Aimed to teach and equip you, Dr. Pollock's webinar topics bridge theory and strategy.


Let's Make the World Better

I’m excited to introduce a new webinar series designed to help anyone increase their social awareness and equip themselves with tools for action. If you want to live in a more just world, then I hope you will tune-in! Together, we can make the world better.


My goal is to increase awareness and initiate action. You'll learn research-based theories coupled with memorable metaphors, followed by actionable strategies.

Open Enrollment

All are welcome. If you are a professional who wants to create a more inclusive workspace, and educator who strives for a more equitable classroom, or a human who wants improved relationships, this series is for you (and everyone!).

No Cost

Access is my priority for these webinars, so I am offering them at no cost. In addition, attendees will occasionally receive special offers for discounts on my books and services during the webinars.

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