What is Engineering? A workshop for K-6 grade school counselorsIf children begin career development in elementary school, then it is important for their teachers and counselors to be prepared to introduce all types of careers, especially those that will help us meet the demands of a rapidly changing world such as engineering and science. This proposal for a professional development workshop for K-6 grade school counselors will enable participants to gain the following fundamental and enduring understandings:

• Early childhood career education is important
• Life takes engineering
• Engineers make a world of difference and help shape the future
• Engineers are creative problem-solvers.

The two key objectives for the counselor participants are:

  1. Counselors should be able to discuss the importance of career exploration for K-6 children with their colleagues, and develop a lesson plan/proposal for career exploration in engineering for their students.
  2. Counselors should be able to describe what engineering is to a K-6 student, based on the cornerstones: life takes engineering, engineers make a world of difference and help shape the future, and engineers are creative problem-solvers.

This model is free and available for use, however please let the author know if you use this explicit model, or any similar derivative inspired by this work.

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