Physics is Tough but Girls are Tougher

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Front Design

High Tech High Heels is an organization that I have proudly been a part of since 2008. Every summer, this organization hosts a physics camp specifically for girls. These camps build confidence and introduce students to key principles in Advanced Placement (AP) Physics in a hands-on lab environment, all with the overarching objective of increasing the participation of women entering into science and engineering careers. The two weeks of instruction are led by skilled high school physics teachers who have received gender equity training from the National Alliance for Partnerships in Equity, another organization I am proud to work for!

Wanda Gass, a friend, and mentor of mine, happens to be the current Executive Director of High Tech High Heels, and she asked me if I could help whip together a t-shirt design for the summer camps. She provided me with the slogan, “Physics is tough, but Girls are tougher,” and I came up with the design.

I’d be proud to see a young woman wearing this shirt!

Back of T-shirt Design

Here is the design from the printer:

Printed shirts by Radical Rags in Dallas

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