Confidence or Self-efficacy?

Confidence is an informal, popularized term to describe the intersection of self-efficacy, self-esteem, self-concept, and identity — all key constructs that affect our motivation, performance, and persistence.

Mindset Resources

Growth Mindset remains one of my most favorite things to teach because with small modifications we can see big changes in ourselves and those around us. This page is a collection of helpful mindset resources or educators.

New! Free posters for Nontraditional CTE Careers

Free Nontraditional Careers Posters

For a limited time, you can instantly access the complete set of 11 posters without charge. Simple in design, yet colorful and eye-catching, these posters challenge gender norms for nontraditional careers.

Purdue Engineering Education Podcast

Dr. Ruth Streveler: Engineering Education Research Briefs

Summer 2018, I was interviewed by one of my professors from Purdue University for her podcast, Engineering Education Research Briefs. Fast forward to 16:40 to hear my portion.

NSEE 2019

Self-Efficacy and Explore Nontraditional Careers Pre-Conference Workshop Resources Download the Self-Efficacy workshop slide handouts Download the Explore Nontrad Careers workshop slide handouts Startling Statements (latest version with 2017 figures) Danger of the Single Story $1000 Egg: Implicit Bias and Schemas Self-Efficacy and Sticky Feedback Program Improvement Process for Equity: Pre-Conference Workshop Resources Download the PIPE […]

The Case of the Missing $1000 Egg: A Tale of Schemas and Implicit Bias​

The Case of the Missing $1000 Egg - Tale of Schemas and Implicit Bias

Finding the egg would have won me a $1000 prize. Not finding the egg won me an egg once worth $1000, and a good anecdote for explaining schemas and implicit bias.

“Sticky” Feedback to Boost Self-efficacy and Motivation

Sticky Feedback Copyright Meagan Pollock

Feedback and support from others is a source of our self-efficacy — the belief we have in ourselves to accomplish a task. Using a simple formula, we can adjust our feedback to be a super-booster for self-efficacy in others, through what I call, “Sticky Feedback.” Check out this video to learn how you can better encourage others to reach their goals.

Obituary: Mr. Nerd Geek Stereotype​

Obituary: Mr. Nerd Geek Stereotype

Mr. Nerd Geek Stereotype, was reported missing and presumed dead on January 1, 2019. Multiple conflicting reports confuse investigators of his last whereabouts. Accounts vary, but one thing is certain: Mr. Nerd Geek Stereotype should not be missed.

Lynn Vera, Gender Equity Expert

You are one of the most engaging and inspiring speakers I have heard in years. On your feet, you managed to convince an audience of people that they could make a difference. We left feeling hopeful and inspired!

Candace Peterson, Former President and CEO of

Candace Peterson

Thanks again for spending the time with us this past week [at]. Everyone was very excited about the engineering curriculum you developed and especially your expertise and passion. This should be a great year for us promoting STEM, thanks to you.