Lynn Vera, Gender Equity Expert

You are one of the most engaging and inspiring speakers I have heard in years. On your feet, you managed to convince an audience of people that they could make a difference. We left feeling hopeful and inspired!

Candace Peterson, Former President and CEO of

Candace Peterson

Thanks again for spending the time with us this past week [at]. Everyone was very excited about the engineering curriculum you developed and especially your expertise and passion. This should be a great year for us promoting STEM, thanks to you.

Michelle Brown, NAPE Consultant

Michelle Brown

Meagan is an excellent leader and coach because she challenges me appropriately, and gives specific, constructive feedback while ensuring I feel valued and positive about the work I am doing.

Chris Chavez, Foothill College

Chris Chavez Owl Scholars Program Support Specialist Foothill College

I wanted express my great appreciation and gratitude for the work that Meagan did in our workshop. Her enthusiasm, compassion, and professionalism in leading me and my colleagues through difficult, and often uncomfortable issues covered by your program was exemplary. If her comportment in our workshop was indicative of how NAPE as a whole advances […]

The Tortoise and the Rat

The Tortoise and the Rat: Sure, you were expecting the tortoise and the hare, right? Well, here are my reflections on the rat race after meeting a giant “tortoise.”

Don’t Call Me Crazy

Stunned, shamed, then deeply saddened. That is how I felt when a community college advisor courageously challenged my word choice in front of 250 of her colleagues. It was a beautiful sunny day in southern California, likely no different than most days in that prime weather region of the country. I was leading a half […]