India FlagIndia Today 8/24/12 posts that the Delhi government is planning to launch an all-women university for engineering education in the city, likely to be titled: Women’s Institute for Engineering University. According to the National Association for Single Sex Public Education, the advantages of single-sex education are (i) expanded educational opportunity, (ii) custom-tailored learning and instruction and (iii) greater autonomy. Research shows that females are more likely to explore non-traditional subjects (such as engineering) in female-only classrooms. The NASSPE claims that  “this finding is extraordinarily robust, having been replicated in every age group from kindergarten through college, and in every country where researchers have examined this question.”


What do you think about this? How would you feel about a Women’s Engineering University in the U.S? Could this help address the gender gap in engineering graduates and employment? Would you attend, or encourage a female in your life to attend?