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Free Nontraditional Careers Posters

For a limited time, you can instantly access the complete set of 11 posters without charge. Simple in design, yet colorful and eye-catching, these posters challenge gender norms for nontraditional careers.

The Case of the Missing $1000 Egg: A Tale of Schemas and Implicit Bias​

The Case of the Missing $1000 Egg - Tale of Schemas and Implicit Bias

Finding the egg would have won me a $1000 prize. Not finding the egg won me an egg once worth $1000, and a good anecdote for explaining schemas and implicit bias.

“Sticky” Feedback to Boost Self-efficacy and Motivation

Sticky Feedback Copyright Meagan Pollock

Feedback and support from others is a source of our self-efficacy — the belief we have in ourselves to accomplish a task. Using a simple formula, we can adjust our feedback to be a super-booster for self-efficacy in others, through what I call, “Sticky Feedback.” Check out this video to learn how you can better encourage others to reach their goals.

Obituary: Mr. Nerd Geek Stereotype​

Obituary: Mr. Nerd Geek Stereotype

Mr. Nerd Geek Stereotype, was reported missing and presumed dead on January 1, 2019. Multiple conflicting reports confuse investigators of his last whereabouts. Accounts vary, but one thing is certain: Mr. Nerd Geek Stereotype should not be missed.

The Tortoise and the Rat

The Tortoise and the Rat: Sure, you were expecting the tortoise and the hare, right? Well, here are my reflections on the rat race after meeting a giant “tortoise.”

Headline News! Brains, Brawn, and Beauty?

Headlines are meant to capture attention and draw people in to read what is hopefully worthy news. Could headlines also shape identity?

You’ve Got the Wrong Super Hero! NFL vs. STEM

We wonder why the number one career that kids aspire to is a pro-athlete… We are spotlighting the wrong super heroes, folks.

Are you traveling alone? (If not, you should be!)

Meagan Pollock - Mt. Haleakala National Park, Maui, Hawaii

This post unpacks layers of norms and beliefs around traveling alone, and provide  tips on how to prepare for and enjoy solo traveling.

Don’t Call Me Crazy

Stunned, shamed, then deeply saddened. That is how I felt when a community college advisor courageously challenged my word choice in front of 250 of her colleagues. It was a beautiful sunny day in southern California, likely no different than most days in that prime weather region of the country. I was leading a half […]

Infinite Potential

Justin & Claire Walters

Guest Post by Justin Walters: A few days ago on a lazy Sunday, I sat down at our kitchen table with my eight-year-old daughter, Claire, to eat a snack. We engaged in our usual chit-chat as I tried my best to appreciate this little bit of time we had alone together, time that seems to grow ever more scarce as she grows older. Suddenly, out of the blue, she asked me a strange question.