STEM Pathways for All – Fort Worth Counselors 11/12/12

Workshop Objective The objective of this workshop was to increase participant awareness of the breadth of opportunities in STEM  careers for all students, and prepare participants to share these opportunities and options using positive language that is attractive to students. Workshop Materials STEM Career Search Link Handout (Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook & Science […]

Linking STEM Careers to Student Work Values (CTEEC 9/13/12)

Abstract Presented at the CTEEC 2012 Conference in Tulsa, OK, this was an interactive and collaborative session to: 1)  Explore the four key work values 2)  Connect STEM careers to student work values 3)  Develop a strategy for engaging students and advocating for careers in STEM The objective of this session was to introduce a framework […]

STEM Pathways for All Students (CTEEC 9/13/12)

Abstract Presented at the CTEEC 2012 Conference in Tulsa, OK, this was an interactive and collaborative session to: 1) Discover how essential STEM careers are to our health, happiness and safety 2)  Investigate the demand for creative collaborators in STEM careers 3)  Illustrate how STEM careers make a world of difference The objective of this session was […]

A Case for Engineering in K-12

A Case for Engineering in K-12

In order to meet the forecasted demands for U.S. Labor in technical areas that require scientific and mathematical training, it is imperative that educators and students begin to understand STEM professions and the role of engineers. By advocating science and math in a more holistic, inclusive and social context, more students will develop confidence in these subjects and be prepared to pursue a career in engineering. This article is useful for parents, educators, counselors, and administrators.

What is Design? Design is Creativity Unleashed

Design is Creativity Unleashed

Can you teach creativity in design? YES! By providing opportunity for students to learn to construct their own problems and to become comfortable with ambiguity all within an environment that fosters independent resourcefulness, a student can develop creativity. If we want to educate engineers to be expert designers, it is best to start this process early so that it becomes an adaptive expertise.

Model Eliciting Activity: Green Roof

Green Roof MEA

This is a model eliciting activity for high school students who have had algebra, examining rooftop gardens for commercial buildings. Model-eliciting activities (MEAs) are activities that encourage students to invent and test models. They are posed as open-ended problems that are designed to challenge students to build models in order to solve complex, real-world problems.

Key Engineering Education Reports

Key NAE reports

Here are eight key reports from The National Academies Press by The National Academy of Engineering related to engineering education. These reports guide future research and inform policy. Each of these can be read in full online, or you can simply view the executive summaries for a brief overview. Changing the Conversation: Messages for Improving Public […]

Evaluation Framework for Engineering Education Curriculum

Evaluation Framework for Engineering Education Curriculum

This paper introduces a framework and rubric for evaluation of K-12 engineering education curriculum, based on engineering education literature and the Wiggins & McTighe process known as Backwards Design. This process is an alignment of content, assessment, and pedagogy, the three components used as the measure of quality programmatic elements. The rubric defined in this paper will be useful to teachers, administrators, and curriculum developers of engineering education curriculum.

What is Engineering? A workshop model for K-6 Counselors

What is Engineering? A workshop for K-6 grade school counselors

If children begin career development in elementary school, then it is important for their teachers and counselors to be prepared to introduce all types of careers, especially those that will help us meet the demands of a rapidly changing world such as engineering and science. This proposal for a professional development workshop for K-6 grade school […]

What is Engineering? A Definition of the Profession

What is Engineering? A Definition of the Profession

 Author Meagan Ross, through a brief examination of literature related to the history and philosophy of engineering, describes how engineering is different from science, how engineering is a process of design, and engineering is a valued profession. This brief white paper is a great tool for educators, counselors, and parents who are seeking to understand […]