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My goal is to write on topics on how we can better “engineer equity in education,” and I hope I have succeeded! I am looking forward to 2013 and further developing my thought leadership on the topics of engineering, STEM education, and diversity, aiming to improve equity and accessibility for all.

My new website was launched in August of this year, and I dove right into blogging, and in some cases posting really long essays. My readership seems to linger around posts that are brief and include lists, and on topics that are summative, explanatory, and reflective.

Top 10 Posts of 2012

My Here are the top 10 posts on MeaganPollock.com for 2012. Which was your favorite?
  1. Engineering is a Woman’s World
  2. Goal-setting, Prioritizing, and Reflecting: 2012 in Review
  4. Top 4 Attributes: University Engineering Education Programs
  5. Leadership Comes Full Circle
  6. Cubiclephobia: Death of the cubicle
  7. 7 Key Engineering Education Reports
  8. What is design? Design is Creativity Unleashed
  9. A Case for Engineering in K-12
  10. Iran Bans Women from Engineering


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