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As a nascent scholar, and near doctoral graduate, conferences offer incredible opportunities to present my work, learn from others, and build my network. These are the conferences where I will be attending and/or presenting for Summer of 2013:

[list2]<li>US News STEM Solutions: National Conference – June 17-19 – Austin, Tx</li>

<li>Women in Engineering ProActive Network: National Conference – June 19-21 – Atlanta, Ga</li>

<li>American Society for Engineering Education: Workshops for K-12 Education – June 22 – Atlanta, Ga</li>

<li>American Society for Engineering Education: Annual Conference – June 23-26 – Atlanta, Ga</li>

<li>National Association of College Admission Counseling, Annual Conference – September 19-21 – Toronto, Ca</li>


This page serves as a landing page for a professional flyer (See image to the right) I’ve created about me, my current work, and my summer 2013 conference presentations.

Current Projects

Currently my work is focused on three avenues: my dissertation research, the National Alliance for Partnerships in Equity, and Big Beacon.


Meagan’s dissertation is a multiple case study analysis of girls’ experiences in high school engineering using intersectional feminist theory, answering the question: How does race, class, gender and sexuality influence high school girls’ experiences in engineering? The findings will inform curriculum developers and educators, improving the instruction of engineering for female students, and thus positively influencing the disparity in the field. Learn more about Meagan’s dissertation research.


National Alliance for Partnerships in Equity is a non-profit organization dedicated to access, equity, and diversity in education and the workplace. As a STEM Equity consultant for NAPE, Meagan develops and facilitates workshops, and designs practical tools and activities related to STEM Careers for educators, counselors, and STEM role models. Learn more about Meagan’s work with NAPE.

Big Beacon

Big Beacon is a Movement to Transform Engineering Education. Meagan is the Lead Volunteer responsible for developing and growing the Ambassador network, a consortium of people who are committed to challenging the status quo and transforming engineering education. Join us for our weekly Twitter Chat, Wednesdays at 8 PM Eastern, using #BigBeacon. Learn more about Meagan’s work with BigBeacon.

About Meagan

Meagan Pollock is passionate about science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education, with a focus on equity and access for all students. Meagan worked as an engineer for Texas Instruments before beginning her PhD studies, eager to influence the next generation of engineers. As a consultant, Meagan works for both the non-profit and private sectors, developing curriculum and programs, teaching, and conducting research. Meagan Pollock is an excellent candidate for work uniting diversity, technology and STEM education.

Learn More about Meagan

Research Interests

Equity in and accessibility of engineering, K-12 engineering education (formal, informal/outreach, and as a market), instructional design, counselor and teacher professional development, STEM role models, first year engineering, assessment, use and application of education technology products

Contact Meagan & Connect Professionally

Contact Meagan or Connect professionally. See all of her information here

Summer 2013 Presentations

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  1. Meagan, I would love to get the teachable moments from your research and integrate them into the outreach programming for National Engineering Month here in Ontario in 2014! Wish I could follow you around with a notepad/video camera! 🙂 But in lieu of that please do keep me in the loop with copies of presentations, etc. Buen viajesss, amiga!

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